How To Use GPS Locator In Sons Of The Forest

In this article, We’ll show you How To Use GPS Locator In Sons Of The Forest.

If you’re playing Sons of the Forest, You might have noticed that it’s a bit harder to mark places on your map compared to before.

However, The game developers have introduced GPS locators to help you mark places, objects, or people in the game.

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    How To Use GPS Locator In Sons Of The Forest

      Finding GPS Locators

      How To Use A GPS Locator

      Why Use GPS Locators?

How To Use GPS Locator In Sons Of The Forest

We have explained below how to use GPS locator in Sons of the Forest: Finding GPS Locators, Using a GPS Locator, and Why Use GPS Locators?

Finding GPS Locators

Before you can use a GPS locator, You need to find one. There are a few locations in the game where you can find GPS locators.

One of them is at the beach area, Where you’ll see a purple icon marked on your GPS. This is one of the three purple indicators in the game.

Swim all the way to the purple marker to reach the lifeboat. On the boat, You’ll find a dead soldier and a GPS locator.

Another location to find a GPS locator is beside the snowy mountain in the middle. Head there and you’ll see a body strung by a rope on the cliff.

Climb up to loot the supplies and cut down the rope. You’ll find the GPS locator and a flashlight near the body.

How To Use A GPS Locator

Once you have a GPS locator, You can use it to mark places on your map. First, Push a stick into the ground vertically.

Then, Equip the GPS locator from your inventory. Once you’ve found a stick, Simply place the GPS locator on top of it. You can then change the symbol that appears on your GPS by using the middle mouse button.

You can also place a GPS locator on Virginia, The game’s main character. To do this, Simply equip the GPS locator and use it on Virginia.

Why Use GPS Locators?

While GPS locators may seem like a small addition to the game, They can be incredibly useful for marking important locations.

This is especially true in the game’s vast open world, Where it can be easy to lose track of where you are and where you need to go.

With a GPS locator, You can mark important locations and easily find your way back to them later.

GPS locators are a great addition to Sons of the Forest, And they can make exploring the game’s vast open world much easier.

By following the steps outlined in this article, You can easily find and use GPS locators to mark important locations in the game.

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